General Managers: 2014 Spend Allocation

By on June 2, 2014
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In continuation of the study of how General Managers match philosophically with their on-field Managers  in 2013 and 2014, below is the “NL General Managers: 2014 Spend Allocation Report”.

There is not one way to build a roster, and I have always been fascinated by contrasting circumstances (e.g. big payroll vs tightwad ownership; overpaying for free agents vs successful minor’s development; bandbox vs pitcher’s park). Breaking down “contrasting circumstances”, in my opinion, begins to level the playing field of decision making.

  • Why does the NL West dedicate a higher portion of payroll to outfielders?
  • How do small-market GM’s distribute their money?
  • Where is talent acquired, and how does that affect payroll allocation?
  • Who has the most imbalanced budget?

This covers the whole of the National League – specific GM’s will be profiled in later articles.

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